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  • Laurel Moglen, Julia Posey, Lyudmila Zotova 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss

    For more than a century, seekers of sun and celebrity from around the world have flocked to this sprawling metropolis on the Pacific, which Dorothy Parker once described as “72 suburbs in search of a city.” But beyond the red-carpet reputation and Tinseltown trappings is a west coast wonderland teeming with unexpected cultural experiences, iconic architecture, gorgeous open spaces, quirky museums, hidden vistas, unconventional art, and obscure stories about the starlets, moguls, personalities, and players who have made Los Angeles their playground. This unusual guidebook explores 111 of the city’s most interesting and unknown places and experiences: wander a serpentine path in a spiritual quest of your own making; channel your inner cowboy at a tried and true honky tonk bar; pay homage to the Dude at the bungalow where the big Lebowski lived; turn your car tires into musical instruments on the country’s only “musical” road; sleep with the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin; view a constellation of stars more vivid than anything Hollywood Boulevard has to offer. From the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, Angelenos and vistors will fall in love with the real Los Angeles. Adventures beckon. Surprises await. Just imagine how much more scintillating your dinner-party storytelling will be…


    "In Los Angeles, everyone is a star." – Denzel Washington


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  • Laurel Moglen, Julia Posey, Lyudmila Zotova 111 Orte in Los Angeles, die man gesehen haben muss

    Seit mehr als einem Jahrhundert versammeln sich Sonnenanbeter und Ruhmsuchende aus der ganzen Welt in dieser Pazifikmetropole. Aber abseits des roten Teppichs und des Traumfabrik-Schnickschnacks findet man ein Westküstenwunderland mit unerwarteten kulturellen Möglichkeiten, skurrilen Museen, versteckten Blicken, unkonventioneller Kunst und obskuren Geschichten über Sternchen, Mogule und legendenumwobene  Persönlichkeiten, die Los Angeles zu ihrem Spielplatz gemacht haben. Dieses Buch erkundet 111 der interessantesten und unbekanntesten Plätze und Erlebnisse der Stadt.


  • Desa Philadelphia 111 Shops in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss

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    Beyond the crowded star-paved boulevards of Hollywood and famously posh boutiques of Rodeo Drive, is another Los Angeles; a hidden shopper’s paradise, brimming with hundreds of charming, eclectic, curious, nostalgic, glamorous and quirky neighborhood stores, restaurants, and bars that are practically unknown to tourists. From Pasadena to the Pacific Coast Highway, discover the secret haunts and favorite local specialty shops of starlets and mere mortals alike. Wear the hottest designers before they get famous; get your knit on at a 2000-square-foot yarn-filled emporium; satisfy your sweet tooth at the world's first "cupcake ATM;" indulge your devotion to hand-made American craftsmanship with a pair of custom-designed kicks; score some cast-off celebrity bling at a Beverly Hills pawn shop; navigate a two-block alley crammed with 150 discount shops. It’s all yours for the taking in the City of Angels.



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