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  • Christina Ryan, Jennifer Bain 111 Places in Calgary That You Must Not Miss

    Travel Guide

    Pay homage to the city that birthed a wrestling dynasty. Search for sidewalk stamps and manhole covers. Eat prairie oysters (that’s code for cow balls). Learn all about a flamboyant madam named Diamond Dolly. Fish — or surf —‑ on a downtown river. Find a poem about a frog in a university stairwell. Spot goats doing weed control in public parks. Discover these and more hidden gems as the birthplace of ginger beef and the Caesar cocktail reveals to you why it’s so much more than just home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.


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  • Dave Doroghy, Graeme Menzies 111 Places in Vancouver That You Must Not Miss Travel Guide

    The stunning natural beauty of Canada’s west coast gem has attracted and inspired an eclectic mix of people from around the world. These adventurous souls have created a modern city that has everything from glass and steel towers, to chinese red pagodas, totem poles and Sikh temples. Hidden among these landmarks are 111 lesser known oddities and treasures that reveal the magical character of the city.


  • Clare Davenport, Elizabeth Lenell Davies, Anita Mai Genua 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss

    Toronto has been described as a city within a green space. Hike inner city trails along the many ravines. Ride in a canoe or skate along the water’s edges. Take the longest streetcar ride in North America through flourishing neighbourhoods, full of hidden gems to discover. Find the small artisanal ice creameries, wander the graffiti alleys, or make music at a karaoke cocktail lounge. Explore the allure of the 6ix, with 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss.


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    Im Westen Kanadas sterben die Mitglieder eines kleinen First-Nation-Volkes an einer rätselhaften Krankheit. Die Schweizer Epidemiologin Lou Beck reist nach Fort Fraser, um das Gesundheitsministerium vor Ort zu unterstützen, wird von den Ureinwohnern jedoch mit Misstrauen und Feindseligkeit empfangen. Schnell erhärtet sich der Verdacht, dass die lebensgefährliche Erkrankung mit dem Bau einer Ölpipeline zusammenhängt – jemand scheint bereit, dafür über Leichen zu gehen ...



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