111 Places in Rio de Janeiro That You Must Not Miss


Beate C. Kirchner

111 Places in Rio de Janeiro That You Must Not Miss

Beate C. Kirchner

111 Places in Rio de Janeiro That You Must Not Miss

Contains numerous photos by Jorge Vasconcellos


13,5 x 20,5 cm

240 pages / Seiten

ISBN 978-3-7408-0262-2

Euro 16,95 [D] , 17,50 [AT]

Cidade maravilhosa – a wonderful city. This is the world’s dream of the metropolis by the Sugarloaf Mountain. Truly, its location on Guanabara Bay is breathtaking, the joie de vivre of its people, the Cariocas, infectious, its enthusiasm for football legendary. This book takes you to 111 places that the locals love and find special. Meet an artist who paints like van Gogh and is passionate about showing visitors around his district. Go up to a little church at the summit of the city’s first favela, where a charming woman from northern Brazil keeps watch. See how 200,000 believers honour St George at four o’clock in the morning. Discover the strange, surprising and enchanting aspects of the world’s most beautiful city.


  • Beate C. Kirchner

    Beate C. Kirchner, 1960 in München geboren, studierte Politische Wissenschaften in Florenz und München und war über viele Jahre als Chefin vom Dienst für deutsche Publikumsmagazine tätig. Heute arbeitet sie als freie Journalistin und Autorin. Noch zu Studienzeiten reiste sie das erste Mal nach Brasilien und lebt bis heute einige Monate im Jahr in ihrer Wahlheimat.


    Beate C. Kirchner, born in Munich in 1960, studied political sciences in Florence and Munich and worked for many years as a senior editor on German consumer magazines. Today she works as a freelance journalist and author. She travelled to Brazil for the first time during her student years and lives in her adopted home for several months every year.

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