111 Places in Malta That You Shouldn't Miss


Fabrizio Ardito

111 Places in Malta That You Shouldn't Miss

Fabrizio Ardito

111 Places in Malta That You Shouldn't Miss

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With its picturesque villages and ports, sandy and rocky beaches, and its impressive ancient buildings, Malta offers a wonderful variety of experiences in deceivingly small spaces.

The main island of the Maltese archipelago, Malta the economic and administrative hub of the island group. It is known for its crystal clear seas and hours and hours of sunshine. Its 7,000-year history of shifting between East and West has made Malta a very unique nation in the Mediterranean.
Whether you are a visitor or a long-time resident, 111 Places in Malta That You Shouldn’t Miss will take you exploring through Malta's historic secrets and little known nooks.


  • Fabrizio Ardito

    Fabrizio Ardito, 1957 in Rom geboren, ist Journalist und Fotograf und schreibt über Reisen und Natur für diverse Verlage, zum Beispiel den Touring Club Italiano. Er hat bereits zahlreiche Bücher über Italien herausgegeben. Zu seinen besonderen Leidenschaften zählen unterirdische Orte und andere versteckte Kuriositäten.


    A native of Rome, Fabrizio Ardito is a journalist and photographer who writes about travel and nature for the Touring Club Italiano and a variety of other publications. He has written numerous books on Italy. Among his personal passions are places hidden underground and other intriguing curiosities of Italy and Malta.


    Fabrizio Ardito, nato a Roma nel 1957, è giornalista e fotografo free lance e scrive di viaggi e natura per diverse testate ed editori italiani, tra cui il TouringClub. Tra le sue grandi passioni ci sono il mondo sotterraneo, i lunghi cammini storici e gli aspetti più curiosi e nascosti dell’Italia.

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