111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss


Heather Kapplow, Kim Windyka, Alyssa Wood

111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss

Heather Kapplow, Kim Windyka, Alyssa Wood

111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss

Contains numerous photos by Alyssa Wood


13,5 x 20,5 cm

240 pages / Seiten

ISBN 978-3-7408-0894-5

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If you want to go beyond the Boston of brochures and get to the heart of this mysterious, charming old metropolis, you need to dig deep...and be willing to get a little weird. 111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss is a guidebook with a twist: one that takes you far off the beaten path—and the Freedom Trail—to explore a side of the city that's offbeat, unexpected, and completely fascinating for visitors and locals alike. 


  • Heather Kapplow

    Heather Kapplow is one of the rarest kind of creatures you will find in Boston: a native Bostonian. A visual and performing artist as well as a writer, Heather travels frequently for projects in both spheres and has a very deep understanding of what it’s like to be a newcomer in an unfamiliar city. It’s among Heather’s life goals to make Boston a more welcoming place, as well as to throw spotlights on Boston’s many nuanced subcultures. You can find anything you need in Boston (except maybe a parking space in the winter) if you seek it out—take it from a native.

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  • Kim Windyka

    Kim Windyka fell in love with Boston while growing up in nearby southern New Hampshire, and has never become tired of the city’s beauty and historic charm in the 12 years she’s been living there since attending Emerson College. A full-time copywriter with experience in multiple industries including travel, tech, and fashion, she has also written pieces for The Atlantic, New York Magazine, McSweeney’s, and more. See more of her work at www.kimwindyka.com and follow her on Twitter at @kimlw.

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  • Alyssa Wood

    Alyssa Wood is a New England based photographer specializing in event and documentary photography. She is a graduate of New England School of Photography graduating with a major of portrait and editorial photography and spent four years living and photographing in Boston. She now lives in Rhode Island with her husband two kids, Bella & Sam and enjoys grabbing a coffee and relaxing by the beach and travels to Boston frequently for work and pleasure. 

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